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Greek Girls Rule --- It's Just That Simple's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Greek Girls Rule --- It's Just That Simple

Greek girls rule.
It's just that simple.
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90 x Sakis Rouvas Icons, 1 x Sakis Rouvas Wallpaper [29 May 2010|02:14pm]

90 x Sakis Rouvas Icons, 1 x Sakis Rouvas Wallpaper
1. Do not steal - please credit luckweaver 
2. I'd love comments/notes that you're taking some
3. Please do not use blanks as icon bases (without request)

spase to xrono )
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Happy Independence Day! [25 Mar 2010|05:10pm]

[ mood | patriotic ]

γεια σας όλοι. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe Independence day with all the best that life has to offer. If you're lucky enough to be there, stop and think a moment of those who gave their lives for your freedom and for ellada and for those who are keeping you safe every day. For those, like me, who want to get home, we will one day if we try and believe. I love the Hellenic military, in general, and have a deep respect for women who join it. So if you're in the Hellenic armed forces, I salute you. And if you're like me and can't join, I offer you the same, since you would if you could. May the Gods bless Hellas and help her through this most difficult of economic times. May They bless her with wisdom, good health for all, peace, both internationally and domestically, and with a stable and caring government. zito ellada!
PS. I find it really sad that no one else seems to post here anymore. I mean, the last entry here is from me on Oxi Day. Where are all the Hellenic women hiding? I know you're somewhere.

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Xronia Polla! [28 Oct 2009|11:44pm]
[ mood | Patriotic ]

Geia sas,

I know for those in Ellada, it's been the 29th of October for several hours now and for those on the East coast of the U.S. that time is quickly approaching. But I wanted to wish everyone a belated happy, healthy and safe Oxi Day for the 28th as well as Flag Day for the 27th which, of course, has already passed. Oxi Day is a time of reflection, of rememberance and of patriotism. So let us not forget those who've fought and died, and those who continue to fight in their own ways, for freedom in the most sacred, beautiful and glorius nation of all, Hellas. Let us also not forget those outside her boarders who keep the Hellenic dream alive and who hold her in their hearts always, no matter where they may be.

Zito Ellada!

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WindCarrot.com: Sakis Rouvas Greece Eurovision 2009 [16 May 2009|03:35am]

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Need Info on Antonis Dalgas [01 Dec 2008|04:18pm]
Okay, I realise this is a tough one but i have nowhere else to go and I'm getting very frustrated. I asked the Rebetika group on google as well as the people on
and had no luck. I'm looking for a biography, or at least some information, on Antonis Dalgas (Diamantidis) The only thing I could find (just now actually) was this, where it's spelt Andonis Diamandis
and it says the booklet included with the cd was written by Panayiotis Kounadis, whom I highly respect as an expert in both Piraeus style rebetika and the songs of Asia Minor/Smyrna. But that's it. All the usual pages have nothing on Dalgas, only that he worked with such and such or that he's featured in this song. I don't get it! Anyway, thanks in advance for your help.
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Local Teams? [01 Dec 2008|04:03pm]
Geia sas. My boyfriend's always listening to football games on the radio, especially Olympiakos. I'm still learning the language so can't understand much of it cause theytalk really quickly. But I still like to keep score. I don't like foreign players on Greek teams. I don't mind Greeks from other places switching teams, if their reasons are good, or even naturalised citizens joining a team. But I'm against these foreigners leaving their country and joining a team just for the money and not out of any sense of patriotism or love for the team. Get a "regular" job in that case.

Anyway, I'm looking for a "local" team that I can support. I know Piraeus has tons of them so I settled on Drapetsona. The thing is that I can't find any information on them (players, scores, schedules etc). Can anyone help me? Also, what about basketball? What local teams in Piraeus do you know of for that? Do Kokkinia or Syra (Syros) have teams for anything? I couldn't find any. If you can't help me, then what's your favourite team in general for any sport?
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Well Wishes for Oxi Day [28 Oct 2008|01:35pm]

I just wanted to wish everyone a healthy and happy Oxi Day. For me, Oxi Day is right below Independence Day on my list of favourite holidays. Who was lucky enough to go to, or to listen to/watch, the parade this year? Does anyone know if ERT or other stations have a feature to let you listen to programs after they've aired? Alternatively, what are you doing to make this day special? What does it mean to you personally? For me, it's a time, like Independence Day, to reflect on the past and the future, but also to make resolutions and figure out what's really important to me. What things will I stand up for and say "no" to?

Just to put things into perspective, here's something very interesting that I found awhile ago but saved for today. These are exurpts from the diary of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's minister for public enlightenment and they specifically deal with Greece. It's a very sobering reminder of how Greece suffered during World War II. It also makes for an extremely interesting read and psychological analysis for those into such things.
On The Epic of October 28, 1940

I doubt I have to put this here, but just incase. Here's the Wikipedia article on Oxi Day.
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Is This a Good Map? [25 Oct 2008|05:32pm]
Geia sas. Sorry for all the posts lately. Someone just directed me to this map but didn't really describe it for me. do you think it'll suit my purposes i.e. to have it transcribed into braille so I can get an idea of what Hellas looks like?
Sas efharisto.
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Shares on Athens stock market fall nearly 12 percent as institutional investors liquidate [25 Oct 2008|10:37am]
Is anyone else freaking out over this? For those, like me, who don't know much about stocks, try this article for general economics.
We're talking Switzerland, Japan, Germany, Britain and America. So just imagine how badly this could hit Hellas! For those of you there, have you started to make some kind of provisions for bad times? What does everyone think of the meeting of European leaders proposed next month in response to the plumeting stock market?
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Greek governing party boycotts parliament debate on probing criminal charges in land scandal [25 Oct 2008|10:26am]
I think it's sad what has happened to our country.. From the founders of Western civilisation, democracy, political debate etc etc, we've become the leaders in corruption, scandal, lies and now, we're trying for cowardous as well. Nice job guys. Really nice. Do we really have to hit bottom? And isn't there any decent person out there who can actually do something? Yes, we have President Papoulias, but Gods bless him, he can't do anything about this, not the politics or the tumbling economy! I cried myself to sleep last night and haven't felt this bad since the fires in 2007. And all the ksenoi don't understand.
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Roussopoulos Resigns [24 Oct 2008|12:07pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

Well, I was going nuts waiting to see what would happen when Parliament voted on the Vatopedi scandal, but then I saw this!
Greek minister resigns over land swap scandal
Wow! Just Wow. Everyone's been saying he should resign for ages, but I never thought it would really happen. So what does this mean for us now? Didn't New Democracy lose their one-seat majority or will they just get someone to replace Roussopoulos? If not, will there be another election? If so, how many of you will vote or would vote if you could?

Btw, I get most of my news from
incase you're looking for some sources. the latter is different in .com and .gr versions.

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Now That's Diversity! [23 Oct 2008|01:22pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I was thinking of the ridiculous number of places in America that have English and spanish as their only options when you call them. So I came up with this in response.

Hi and welcome to our business. For English, press one. For Greek, press two
Two pressed.
For Ancient, press one. For Byzantine, press two. For Katharevousa, press three. For Dimotiki, press four. For village dialects, press five. For koutsavakika, press six. For Cypriot, press seven. For various forms of Greeklish, press eight. If you forgot your makaronada in the oven, please hang up and take it out.

See all the languages they're missing? lol

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Costas Papadopoulos Again [21 Oct 2008|02:05am]
Ok guys, I'm hoping someone could help me here cause I'm freaking out. As some of you may know, I've been searching for a real rebetis or mangas for the last five years or so. Well, a few months ago, I learned of this man named Costas Papadopoulos. He's very famous, plays trixordo (six string) bouzouki and knew Markos Vamvakaris. Apparently, there are a few videos of him on youtube. In one, He says he went to see Markos by order of Columbia Records to ask him for some of his material so that Bithikotsis could record it. According to my boyfriend Spiros, Papadopoulos said on the video that he met Markos in a basement and that he was very poor at the time, so was of course very happy for this opportunity. After that, he'd sometimes go to Columbia and collect the money ahead of time. Papadopoulos is also a bouzouki teacher with a school in Athens.

Tonight, Spiros told me that he heard that Costas Papadopoulos died recently. I have no way of finding out if this is true, not even through my news sources. I've posted to the Rebetika group on Google but so far have received no response. I really wanted to meet him and hear his stories. We've lost alot of people in rebetika the last few years, from Iordanis Tsomidis (the best bouzouki player in the world in my opinion, though Vamvakaris will always be my favourite), to Bithikotsis, to Yenitsaris, to one of the Milanos Brothers who owned that famous taverna in Volos. I'm hoping that Costas Papadopoulos isn't now among them.
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The Birth of a Clone State (Related to FYROM) [19 Oct 2008|04:18pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Had to post this. I originally found it on greekrealm.com but it's published, so I'll post the regular link.
I like this! It made me very very happy! At last, proof and not exagerations and nonsense! Give this a read and enjoy.

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Cool Site for Hellenes [18 Oct 2008|02:52pm]
[ mood | good ]

Geia sas. Just wanted to let everyone know about this site I found last night. It's free and full of all sorts of topics.
They've apparently been around for two years now and somehow, I missed them. Anyway, I'm Magkisa83 on there. Hope to see you soon.

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Where can I Find Vendouzes? [17 Oct 2008|10:54pm]
Geia sas. My boyfriend and I seem to have caught some kind of virus. I don't use synthetic medicine and am knocking it out with Dictamo tea (dittany of Crete) with honey and sleep. But I want to know where I can get vendouzes, the cups that you use with fire on the back. I've never seen them online or in a regular Greek store. Do I need to get certain cups or will regular wine glasses do? If not, do you know where I can find these specific ones? Sas efharisto.
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Looking for a Map [15 Oct 2008|01:57pm]
Geia sas. Special request here. I'm looking for a map of Greece, today, not in ancient times. My hope is to print it and send it off somewhere so they could turn it into a tactile image with braille so that I can read it. I've always wanted a Greek map but never knew where to look. Unfortunately, I don't think road maps are possible to do, since they're very complicated, but a general map of the country would be wonderful. Extra points if it has notes or info. I'm also interested in comparing a map of Piraeus from the 30's with one from today. Sas efharisto in advance.
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Looking for Newspapers Online [11 Oct 2008|09:18pm]
I'm looking for the following newspapers in English versions if available. If not, where can I find the Greek ones so I can read them with a translator? "Βήμα", "Ελευθεροτυπία" και "Τα Νέα". I hear these, especially the first one, are really good.
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Athens Stock Exchange Site [11 Oct 2008|09:12pm]

Geia sas. I've been looking around for a site that will let me keep an eye on the Athens Stock Exchange. I know very little about stocks but think it's important to watch them at this crucial point. Anyway, I found a site that sends daily e-mails at the closing bell. Here it is, for anyone interested.
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language school in Athens [06 Oct 2008|05:22pm]


has anyone been at Alexander the Great language school in Athens?

i'm thinking of going there for a 2-week course next year. your feedback would be useful


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