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Happy Independence Day!

γεια σας όλοι. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy, healthy and safe Independence day with all the best that life has to offer. If you're lucky enough to be there, stop and think a moment of those who gave their lives for your freedom and for ellada and for those who are keeping you safe every day. For those, like me, who want to get home, we will one day if we try and believe. I love the Hellenic military, in general, and have a deep respect for women who join it. So if you're in the Hellenic armed forces, I salute you. And if you're like me and can't join, I offer you the same, since you would if you could. May the Gods bless Hellas and help her through this most difficult of economic times. May They bless her with wisdom, good health for all, peace, both internationally and domestically, and with a stable and caring government. zito ellada!
PS. I find it really sad that no one else seems to post here anymore. I mean, the last entry here is from me on Oxi Day. Where are all the Hellenic women hiding? I know you're somewhere.
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