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Xronia Polla!

Geia sas,

I know for those in Ellada, it's been the 29th of October for several hours now and for those on the East coast of the U.S. that time is quickly approaching. But I wanted to wish everyone a belated happy, healthy and safe Oxi Day for the 28th as well as Flag Day for the 27th which, of course, has already passed. Oxi Day is a time of reflection, of rememberance and of patriotism. So let us not forget those who've fought and died, and those who continue to fight in their own ways, for freedom in the most sacred, beautiful and glorius nation of all, Hellas. Let us also not forget those outside her boarders who keep the Hellenic dream alive and who hold her in their hearts always, no matter where they may be.

Zito Ellada!
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