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Well Wishes for Oxi Day

I just wanted to wish everyone a healthy and happy Oxi Day. For me, Oxi Day is right below Independence Day on my list of favourite holidays. Who was lucky enough to go to, or to listen to/watch, the parade this year? Does anyone know if ERT or other stations have a feature to let you listen to programs after they've aired? Alternatively, what are you doing to make this day special? What does it mean to you personally? For me, it's a time, like Independence Day, to reflect on the past and the future, but also to make resolutions and figure out what's really important to me. What things will I stand up for and say "no" to?

Just to put things into perspective, here's something very interesting that I found awhile ago but saved for today. These are exurpts from the diary of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's minister for public enlightenment and they specifically deal with Greece. It's a very sobering reminder of how Greece suffered during World War II. It also makes for an extremely interesting read and psychological analysis for those into such things.
On The Epic of October 28, 1940

I doubt I have to put this here, but just incase. Here's the Wikipedia article on Oxi Day.
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