Eleni Vamvakari (theophania) wrote in greekgirlsrule,
Eleni Vamvakari

Costas Papadopoulos Again

Ok guys, I'm hoping someone could help me here cause I'm freaking out. As some of you may know, I've been searching for a real rebetis or mangas for the last five years or so. Well, a few months ago, I learned of this man named Costas Papadopoulos. He's very famous, plays trixordo (six string) bouzouki and knew Markos Vamvakaris. Apparently, there are a few videos of him on youtube. In one, He says he went to see Markos by order of Columbia Records to ask him for some of his material so that Bithikotsis could record it. According to my boyfriend Spiros, Papadopoulos said on the video that he met Markos in a basement and that he was very poor at the time, so was of course very happy for this opportunity. After that, he'd sometimes go to Columbia and collect the money ahead of time. Papadopoulos is also a bouzouki teacher with a school in Athens.

Tonight, Spiros told me that he heard that Costas Papadopoulos died recently. I have no way of finding out if this is true, not even through my news sources. I've posted to the Rebetika group on Google but so far have received no response. I really wanted to meet him and hear his stories. We've lost alot of people in rebetika the last few years, from Iordanis Tsomidis (the best bouzouki player in the world in my opinion, though Vamvakaris will always be my favourite), to Bithikotsis, to Yenitsaris, to one of the Milanos Brothers who owned that famous taverna in Volos. I'm hoping that Costas Papadopoulos isn't now among them.
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